collapse col∙lapse verb ›› OF BUILDING 建筑物 1. [V] to fall down or fall in suddenly, often after breaking apart • (突然)倒塌,坍塌 【SYN】 give way :
»The roof collapsed under the weight of snow.
›› OF SICK PERSON 病人 2. [V] to fall down (and usually become unconscious), especially because you are very ill / sick • (尤指因病重而)倒下,昏倒,晕倒:
»He collapsed in the street and died two hours later.
›› RELAX 放松 3. [V] (informal) to sit or lie down and relax, especially after working hard • (尤指工作劳累后)坐下,躺下放松:
»When I get home I like to collapse on the sofa and listen to music.
›› FAIL 失败 4. [V] to fail suddenly or completely • 突然失败;崩溃;瓦解 【SYN】 break down :
»Talks between management and unions have collapsed.
»All opposition to the plan has collapsed.
›› OF PRICES / CURRENCIES 价格;货币 5. [V] to decrease suddenly in amount or value • (突然)降价,贬值;暴跌:
»Share prices collapsed after news of poor trading figures.
›› FOLD 摺叠 6. to fold sth into a shape that uses less space; to be able to be folded in this way • 摺叠;套缩;可摺叠(或套缩) 【SYN】 fold up : ▪ [V]
»The table collapses for easy storage.
▪ [also VN] ›› MEDICAL 医学 7. [V VN] if a lung or blood vessel collapses or is collapsed, it falls in and becomes flat and empty • (肺或血管)萎陷 col∙lapsed adj.:
»collapsed buildings
»a collapsed investment bank
»a collapsed lung
noun ›› FAILURE 失败 1. [C, usually sing., U] a sudden failure of sth, such as an institution, a business or a course of action • 突然失败,倒闭,崩溃(如机构、生意或行动的):
»the collapse of law and order in the area
»The peace talks were on the verge of collapse.
›› OF BUILDING 建筑物 2. [U] the action of a building suddenly falling • (突然的)倒塌,塌陷,垮掉:
»The walls were strengthened to protect them from collapse.
›› ILLNESS 疾病 3. [U, C, usually sing.] a medical condition when a person suddenly becomes very ill / sick, or when sb falls because they are ill / sick or weak • 病倒;(因病或体弱的)昏倒,晕倒:
»a state of mental / nervous collapse
»She was taken to hospital after her collapse at work.
›› OF PRICES / CURRENCIES 价格;货币 4. [C, usually sing.] a sudden fall in value • 突然降价;突然贬值;暴跌:
»the collapse of share prices / the dollar / the market
* * *
n. 倒塌, 崩潰, 失敗, 虛脫
vi. 倒塌, 崩潰, 瓦解, 失敗, 病倒

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